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Natya Yoga. Bharatanatyam series. yoga
Volume 1

Introduction to Natya Yoga
Overview of the key concepts, techniques, elements and practices.
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Volume 2
Preparing the body
This DVD presents physical exercises used in Natya Yoga, as well as the use of makeup, and explains the role of the costume, jewelry and anklets. Details.
Volume 3
108 key movements, their combinations, usage, and practice. The DVD explores the relations of the karanas and asanas, their meaning, as well as their subtle and physical effects.
Volume 4

Mudras and Hasthas
The mudras and hasthas (hand positions and gestures), their meaning, applications and subtle effects.

Volume 5

The path of action
This video gives insights into the Karma yoga concepts and practices in Natya.

Volume 6
Mastering one's mind
Introduction to the visualisation, meditation, concentration techniques and related practices and exercises.
Volume 7
On the path of devotion
This DVD explores different aspects of Bhakti Yoga in Natya items.
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